Chris ~ Wedding Day

Associate Photographer ~ Prewedding

Associate Photographer ~ Wedding Day

Celebrating the Launch of Pixies

We popped a very lovely rose champagne (it gave us very rosy cheeks) last night to celebrate the launch of Lightedpixels Pixies & we thought we’d spread a little of that celebration here to our dear friends and fans!

For the first five couples who signs up with each Pixie, you’ll be recieving a special promotional price for your Actual Day and/or Pre-Wedding packages.
Actual day wedding packages (with album) are now at a promotional price of SGD$1600 instead of SGD$2000. Pre-wedding packages (with album) are now at a promotional price of SGD$1500 instead of SGD$1700. And should you decide that we are too awesome to pass up for both your actual day and pre/post wedding photography, we will cap it at SGD$3000 for you!

We are really pleased and excited about all the enquiries that started pouring in since we launched Lightedpixels Pixies! Having said that, some of them have already signed up with us (WOOOTTS, we are super excited to be part of your awesome big day!) – so to the remaining awesome lovely gorgeous couples, please hurry! We would love for you to be able to share the joy with us!

Email us at [email protected] for bookings and information.:D

Much love, joy & ants-in-pants-excitement,

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In Pursuit of Fun Art Photography Too!

Dear friends and readers,

We are extremely excited! This is our first post and we cannot wait to start shooting and sharing our images with you.

Lightedpixels Pixies is a newly formed sister brand of Lightedpixels. The Pixies comprise of Kai Lian, Xiao Ting and Samantha. We are the main photographers and will continue to be under the mentorship of Lightedpixels. We also share the same resources and studio space (unfortunately or fortunately). =P

Being new to the world of wedding photography, we are heady with fresh ideas and inspiration. We also come in with a cheaper price point (isn’t that a good thing?), but having been with Lightedpixels, we are confident of working our magic for your wedding, whatever the scale. =)

You can book us individually or as a team of 2 or even 3.

It is our personal hope that we would be able to produce our brand of fun art photography for everyone. With Lightedpixels Pixies, we believe, it is now possible.

In Pursuit of Fun Art Photography Too!!!


dansel - hey..big fan of your work here!

Serene - Congratulations on this new venture! My best wishes to you all xxxx